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The VinoVitaj company was founded in London in 2011. It can call upon many years of experience as a family wine business in Zlín in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to introduce some high-quality wines from South Moravia onto the UK market, because – very simply – we believe that they are still missing here.

Currently we offer over 30 types of Moravian wines from three different wine makers, but as we grow, we hope to increase and widen the selection. Some of our wines pride themselves in winning internationally recognised competitions. The wines that we sell come from the micro region Podluží (based around Tvrdonice village, Breclav), an area where the wine conditions are ideal and the soil is light and sandy. The second area is called “Velkopavlovicka”, where the location and climate combine to grow Burgundy varieties producing wines with high sugar contents.

We believe that the wines and their exquisite taste will evoke the beauty of South Moravia and become an integral part of every wine lover’s list.